Planning & Data

To say our campaigns are data-driven is perhaps a touch too strong, instead we’d say data-guided.

A few of the tools we use:


Before starting a campaign, we use digital tools to gather the intelligence that will map-out the direction and goals.

When it's up and running, we keep things on track with detailed research when needed. This means keyword research, social listening, content research, and delves into the data for extra insight.

Web Analytics

Measurement is an often-abandoned essential. Your strategy will be scrappy if goals and objectives aren’t tracked. We’ll make sure important behaviours and conversions are measured.

While the last click is important, we don’t forget about detailed attribution. Our recommended platforms are Google Analytics & Tag Manager.


Here, we test and tweak to get more of that something you want.

Our approach involves qualitative and quantitative analysis, using tools like Google Optimize and Hotjar. This means we can take a furtive peek at what site visitors are up to - and develop improved experiences for them. Why not maximize the return on your traffic?

Google Data Studio

Reporting can get in the way of getting things done. Spend too much time on reports, and you sacrifice what you’re reporting on. It's a vicious circle.

Instead, we use tools to automate the laborious parts - fetching the figures, creating the graphs or making Matcha lattes. This leaves us more time for the real work that makes your business grow. A bit of fresh air to find more insight.

We minimize guesswork and consult the data to move in the right direction, with a little room for wandering along the way.

Smart planning lets us take swift action based on what’s happening around your brand and on your website.

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Our data strategies are an essential part of the work that we do.
But we know that every brand is different. We don’t plan in a void.
We select the right tools for the job, so that we can meet your unique objectives.

Get in touch and we can discuss your tailored digital marketing strategy.