Branding & Design

There’s a noisy crowd to get lost in. It’s time to make your sustainable brand stand out.

A few of the ways we do it:

Visual Identity

Your visual identity is the DNA that codifies how your brand looks. Aspects like its name, logo, and trademark colours.

If you want to be unique and likeable then it’s not a task to take lightly. We’ll work with you to create a blueprint that distinguishes your brand, and adds a dash of charisma.

Web Design

There are gazillions of other websites out there. So a half-baked one won’t do at all. No, you need a website that impresses.

That means a site that looks original, feels easy, and loads quickly. We also make sure that your digital home is eco-friendly - with all the mod-cons for marketing included, like SEO metadata.

Creative Content

Marketing is now as much about graphic design as anything else. If you’ve only got words and images then your content's appeal can be limited.

Adding entertaining visual content like infographics can get you moving faster in the race with everyone else. Better blogs, social posts, and more.


Often, free content you can forage online - like images on Unsplash, or templates on Canva - can be just fine for what you need.

Then there are other days when you need something special. Custom illustrations can bring the extra style that makes you singularly awesome.

Have you figured out your brand’s aspirations? Then we can help you bring them to life.

Sustainability Branding & Design Services - Image
Sustainability Branding & Design Services - Image

Tell your sustainability story in a way that compels attention.
Be a rare finch. Don’t be a copycat.

Akepa | The Sustainable Agency - white logo

Every brand starts with a unique vision.
Realising it requires an empathic plan.
We’ll build your branding in a bespoke way.

Get in touch for a top-notch branding plan.