We work with sustainable brands

And we’re committed to being a sustainable brand ourselves.


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ClimatePartner Certified

We are ClimatePartner certified. Meaning our carbon footprint has been calculated, reduced, we contribute to global climate projects, and our progress can be tracked.

We support verified reforestation projects in the EU. These projects aim to promote healthy mixed forests.

We calculate Scope 3 emissions, as well as Scopes 1 and 2.

ClimatePartner is one of the world’s leading climate action organisations. Find out more about our certification and progress on the URL below.

How we're doing

Akepa sustainability 1

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Remote Working

Compensating for carbon emissions doesn’t cut the mustard. It has to be partnered with an approach to reducing them.

A simple way our environmental impact is kept very low to begin with, is through our dedicated remote working model.

We’ve eliminated commuting. And other journeys like flights are kept to a minimum. Though if you do need an in-person meeting, we can be there.

Just remember we don’t look any better in person.

Psssst: another bonus of our remote working model is that you’ll get a more affordable rate than a trad bricks-and-mortar agency.

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Connected Clients

We work with clients over the long term – and our clients are exclusively those making a true transition to more sustainable ways.

We need that shared ethos to give us our motivation and drive.

There’s no chance we’ll compromise on that to fuel unnecessary growth for its own sake.

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Fair Conditions

Sustainability is also about folk.

Enthusiastic people do better and more consistent work. So we take a sustainable approach to getting things done.

This year, we’re working to a four day week, while still offering a full five-day-a-week service to clients.

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Mossy Earth Member

Joining the Mossy Earth community is our latest effort to work with those who care about the planet as much as we do.

We help restore nature and fight climate change through monthly donations, where 80% goes to their rewilding and reforestation projects. To name a few: the reintroduction of the red kite bird in Spain, the saving of rare sea cliff plants in Portugal, and the restoration of aspen trees in Scotland.

Beyond mitigating any negative impacts doing business may have, we want to create regenerative impacts, too.

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Ocean Protection

This year, we have committed to match and double our carbon compensation with an ocean protection project to keep plastic waste from entering the world’s waters. This is achieved through investment in plastic banks, in countries like Haiti and Indonesia.

By doubling our efforts, we’re aiming to keep Akepa’s environmental impact as tiny as possible, and we’ll be adding other initiatives as the path becomes clearer.

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And the rest…

To save adding more diamonds and descriptions to this page we’ll round-up a few other bits ‘n’ bobs that we do to augment Akepa’s sustainability.

And so: all of our company catering is plant-based, our operations are paperless, and any team-building events we run are designed to learn more about sustainability and biodiversity.

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Oh, and I suppose it’s about us too:

Akepa | The Sustainable Agency - white logo

We are a bunch who are passionate about the environment, the natural world, the forests and oceans and their creatures and fauna.

We want to bring a bit of this zeal to the companies we help grow.

Sounds alright?

Get in touch and we can discuss your tailored digital marketing strategy – or have a peek at our services page first.