Sustainable fashion marketing case study - SANVT


Growing brand awareness, traffic and revenue for an EU sustainable fashion brand.

Client: SANVT
Date: 2019 - 2024
Services: Digital Marketing


SANVT is a sustainable fashion brand that offers premium essentials.

SANVT’s mission is to challenge the fashion industry by offering sustainably-produced high-quality essentials. In essence: a better alternative to fast fashion.

Sustainability is central to the brand: the company is certified as climate neutral – and buyers can track the environmental information about their products online. The product focus is on exceptional fabrics, expert craftsmanship, and tailored fit. Items are fairly made in factories within the EU.

Client: SANVT
Date: 2019 - 2024
Services: Digital Marketing


In 2019 Sanvt came to Akepa as a start-up – with a new ecommerce website; just about to start selling online.

Since then, we have been running an integrated sustainable fashion marketing campaign built around SEO, Paid Ads, PR, and Content Marketing.

The goal has been to drive growth. This means increasing traffic and revenue in the short term, combined with developing brand awareness over the longer term.

Key Strategies


To help setup the site technically (German, English), in an SEO-mindful way. This helps people find the brand and products when using search engines.

Content Marketing

Creating interesting and useful content that people will find - around topics related to the brand. This has driven traffic, rankings and conversions.


To understand where conversions are coming from, with detailed attribution. Reporting has been fully automated to shape the strategy.


SANVT’s online presence has soared across across the following areas:

  • Traffic: organic search traffic in 2023 increased by 2,482% versus the same period in 2019.
  • Revenue: e-commerce revenue has increased by 2,702% over the same period.
  • Rankings: in a short amount of time, many top ranking positions and featured snippets have been gained for popular searches globally (a few examples below). This is the case for both product pages and blog content.

“Absolute experts in SEO and Paid Advertising, with outstanding strategic capabilities. Brilliant to work with.”

Benjamin Heyd - Founder at SANVT
Benjamin Heyd Founder at SANVT

“Concise and focused and the process was made straightforward and fun and it has worked really well.”

Tim Bullen - The Secret Campsite-min
Tim Bullen Owner at The Secret Campsite